SCENARIO: Summer Camp Introductions

Last night we had four kids and myself playing – so yeah, me, the Barbie-Playing-Mentor and my four barbégés.

I used Alex from Wizards of Waverly Place as my Bavatarbie. Here’s how things went:

Alex asked all the barbies to sit in a circle. She welcomed them all to Summer Camp and noted that they would all  be living together for the next week. “I want us all to introduce ourselves, give your name, your age, your favorite color, your favorite food and your favorite activity.”

This was a great social learning activity. Some of the barbégé’ Bavatarbies tried to raise their hands but Alex, acting as a facilitator and not a leader suggested that since they were all equals all they had to do was say, “Excuse Me.”

The barbégés had a bit of trouble with that because they yelled “Excuse Me” at inappropriate times. One barbégé kept saying “Excuse me” even though he had no follow up comment or question.

When the intros were over, Alex laid out some food, then a few dolls wanted to perform songs. Finally one of the girl dolls asked a boy doll to dance and they started making kissing noises.

As the Barbie-Playing-Mentor I was trying to figure out what to do to guide things back on course when we were all called away for human dinner. In retrospect I think I would have had my Bavatarbie Alex say, “Oh my gosh, I can’t believe you are kissing. You just met each other five minutes ago!!”

Ideally, we will play this one or two more times (no dancing, since we found out where that leads) and then I will ask one of the other players to play the facilitator role. I know lots of adults who don’t know how to facilitate a meeting of equal humans so this will be an amazing skill to develop in my barbégés.

This scenario helps players develop empathy.

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  1. Carrie A says:

    Oh this is too funny. I’ve learned even when you go into things with expectations, they don’t always follow a control setting and sometimes, you just got to let things go on their own.

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