BEYOND: Dioramas for Storytelling Skills and Photography Skills

Designing dioramas is something lots of collectors do.  When you are mentoring your barbégés you may suggest that they take a few snapshots at the end of a play session – if the play session has resulted in some kind of final state that is interesting.

When I was a child and wanted to photograph my barbie dioramas, the request sent my mother into a shreiking rant about wasting money and why-are-you-twelve-years-old-and-still-playing-with-barbies-anyway?

These days digital photography is practically free and it provides a chance for you, the Barbie-Playing-Mentor, and your barbégés to learn about photographic concepts and techniques including: focus, the rule of thirds, depth of field, the effects of different lighting techniques, filters, lenses.

In short, the whole world of photography becomes possible but in this case your models never complain or charge extra if you take too long.

Here’s a link to a great Flikr Photostream of a passionate Diorama maker/Photographer.

Creating Dioramas could also help to develop skills in set or stage design.

If your child decides to create a series of shots from a diorama (while also changing the barbies’ positioning) they will end up working on Storytelling and Storyboarding skills that can be used in video/film production jobs or graphic novel work. 

Here’s a link to a funny Barbie Soap Opera called “Spays Anatomy” it is created by a Veternarian using Pet Doctor Barbie. The creator has a great camera and seems to also emply post-production techniques like spotlight focus and color effects.

There are also tons of full motion scripted video vignettes on YouTube that are fun to watch and very inspiring for a budding barbie chronicles producer.

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