SITUATION: Long Plane Flight

We recently took a four hour flight to Boston and all we had with us were Leah’s So-In-Style collection (Grace, Chandra, Kara and Trichelle). We also had Darren and Zahara.

First, we used our tray table as a stage for Chandra to dance but then Leah decided the tray table could be an operating room table/massage table. She had each doll lay down in turn while Kara stood between her (Leah’s) legs and operated on each of the other dolls. Later she gave them each a massage, forcing Kara’s little hands to do a chopping move.

If you were on Jet Blue you could pretend they were at the movies because there is the screen embedded in the back of each seat. What would you do? or what have you done to play barbies on a plane? What scenarios do you think would work  for barbie playing in-flight?

UPDATE: Another great tray-table activity would be a dance contest.

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