OPINION: BBBBarbie’s omnipresence made less nauseating by the OOAKers

A few months ago I started this blog to chronicle my journey as I teach my four-year-old daughter and some other barbégés how to play barbies. At that time I thought I knew a lot about the world of barbies but I have come to understand that I knew very little. One thing I didn’t know about back then was the world of OOAKers.

OOAKers are people who take barbies and create One-Of-A-Kind dolls, or OOAKs.  Some of these people do it for fun. Some of them do it for profit. Some of them do Celebrity Look-a-likes.   I have included a screen shot from a site called www.thebarbiecanvas.com

And what I realized from peeking into their sites and reading their tips on how to OOAK-out your dolls is that there is no better canvas than long, light hair and light eyes. Simply because light can be made dark. Blonde hair can be dyed nearly any color from strawberry blonde, through the range of browns all the way to blue-black. Long hair can be cut short.  Straight hair can be made wavy.

In fact, as Leah and I have gone out in search of used barbie items on Craigslist and eBay we often find that we get a lot of  BBBBarbies thrown in for free. We used to dump them in the Goodwill box but now we keep them. We’ve got them in a plastic bag, tucked away for when we get brave enough to try out some of the OOAK techniques we’ve been reading about.

We’re looking forward to the creative experience of OOAKing out all the BBBBarbies in our bag.

 Ed Note: What’s not possible with BBBBarbies however, is a super-curly hair and darker skin. Which is why I continue to value these dolls so highly and search for them so fervently on eBay. But that’s a topic for another post…

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