Beyond: Sewing for barbies leads to Fashion Design, Tailoring, Soft-Sculpturing Skills

Barbie clothes are a great place to start if you want to teach someone how to sew. 

Sewing a real outfit is often daunting, in terms of steps to completion, for a new learner and the chances for disapointing results is high. Kids want to get creative, skip a step here and add one there. It’s hard to let them freely express themselves when you paid $10 for a pattern, $40 for fabric and another $20 for notions.

It’s much easier to relax and let them enjoy learning to sew by having them learn by sewing things for barbies. If you have friends who are seamstresses you can get scraps for free. If your barbege really likes getting creative and isn’t disciplined about her stitching you can buy “no sew” fabric glues and stick-on velcro for closures.

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  1. Carrie A says:

    There was a period of time that I hadn’t bought a Barbie until it was 2001 and bought Midge with the new body.I was suprised that at the turn of the new century, she no longer had that hour glass figure,and she had a real figure. coudln’t turn at the waste anymore, that’s one draw back and my sewing knowledge that I learned from the age of seven, well, now was challenged. I bought a few dolls, finding out what clothes fit, and what clothes didn’t. It wasn’t until this past year that I decided to “rescue” a few dolls from thrift stores that I decided to start sewing again. It had been a good ten years plus, since I wanted to pick up the needle and thread. I stopped sewing when I was in highschool, I loved sewing when I was younger, and designed a lot of clothes. I don’t have a lot of those clothes but I remembered it being a lot of fun. My mom did a lot crafting of all sorts, including wood working, and the first thing she tought me was how to sew my own doll clothes. That was one of the best gifts she gave me, the gift of creativity. Even when I wasn’t sewing, I was drawing fashions. Someone had told me I should go into mainstream and do it for people.however I loved the smaller scale. Forward ten years later from my first Midge with the new body and I’m relearning patience. I eyeball my patterns, and some things I still remember how to make certain cuts. Its a whole new doll from what I had in my youth. Oddly, I do not like mixing the two body types. Its teaching me patience, as a thirty something adult, and also I need a hobby. This is a refreshing hobby and I like telling stories. So this is really rejuvinating that spirit of creativity, this blog is. 🙂

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