RESOURCE: Re-Ment barbie-sized Food and Accessories

Re-ment is a Japanese company that make tiny (1:6, Playscale) little food and other accessories. Their website “explains the name” by expanding it to “Reform the Entertainment.”

A lot of people on eBay call them “the Mattel of Japan” – though there are a lot of reasons that is not true.  For starters, they don’t do dolls. They do doll accessories and sometimes clothes. They don’t do barbie-sized playsets either – they do smaller playsets based on licensing of Disney and Sanrio characters. They also do necklaces and other items based on miniatures.

Their stuff is marked to avoid choking-and-lead-paint-poison lawsuits. “Not A Toy” is stamped on the box.  But the size is perfect for well-monitored barbie play. In other words, make sure your kid doesn’t put this stuff in their mouth and you can have a ton of fun. Since I can’t read the Japanese well enough (at all) to place orders on their website I have purchased most of ours on eBay and we LOVE them.

Type “re-ment” into the search box on eBay and go crazy.

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