Scenario: Classroom relationships, Teaching & Learning

The opportunities for using a classroom scenario are endless and Mattel has offered a number of education-themed playsets over the years. We have purchased various pieces from sets put out in the 90’s and we are able to create a lot of different classroom configurations. You can purchase a “I can be.. a Pre-school Teacher” sets in stores now.

You can have Kelly, Stacie or Skipper-sized dolls as students and your barbégé can repeat what they are learning in school as a teacher character Bavatarbie .

When I want to practice a set of words I’m learning in Spanish, I take over the role of teacher Bavatarbie and make all the other players repeat what I am practicing.

We were lucky enough to get lots of school accessories and playset pieces off ebay so we have chalkboards and desks but it is possible to play this scenario without any props at all.

If your barbégé is highly interested in romantic relationships you can make it a college class or night school and then channel the play toward the ways college students might both flirt AND learn 🙂

Michaels/Hobby Lobby type stores sell small (5 x 7 inch) chalkboards in wooden frames that you could use as a chalkboard if you don’t have a set Mattel accessories.

Leah is currently in pre-K and I am surprised that when we do play preschool her favorite thing to do is to have the adults arrive to pick up their kids. Of course. I love this! I like to think it means that seeing me arrive in the afternoons is her favorite part of the day!

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  1. Vanessa says:

    I went back and forth over buying the set with the playground. They had it locally for $14.99. Once I decided I should get it, it was gone. I’m sort of kicking myself now. I may have to spend the money and get it from Toys R Us for $25. I have 2 other playsets that I haven’t used yet, but this set has so much more.

    1. Vanessa, I hope this doesn’t come off too biased but I wait and wait on these sets (same with the “I Can Be…” stuff) trying to find the brown versions. I always try to buy Brown bc even though I am never going to use the included doll (of either color) I feel like I need to let Mattel know that we are brown doll users. Just got the brown News Anchor finally, and the walking Taffy set in Brown. Can you tell I don’t know whether the word Brown should be capitalized in this context so I just go back and forth? Silly.

  2. Herma says:

    Hi, I am new here, I love playing Barbie as an adult. I love to do the school theme because I am a retired teacher. I see most of the posts dates are year 2011 and 2012, are you guys still here?

    1. Hi Herma,

      For awhile I didn’t post because I was working on coming up with a way to dye barbie hair and I told myself I wouldn’t post until I figured that out. It took me a year and I thought I might be ready to start posting again. But I just haven’t found my energy for it again. I may post occasionally, but for the most part, there’s a good chance I’m done.

  3. Herma says:

    Ok, does that mean that the entire site I signed up for will not have any new posts, or am I confused at I was tickled to death that I found where other adults were loving to play with Barbie’s I thought I was the only one out there.

    1. there are a ton of people who play with dolls. Read my post called Adult Barbie Enthusiasts and then tell me what “type” you are. Then I can give you some tips on some good blogs to follow.

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