BEYOND: Painting

Ever since our first Re-Ment stuff arrived we have been bored by our Mattel accessories. We decided to start taking some of the less interesting accessories and painting them. Any acrylic paints are fine.

Testor Model paints(Acrylic not Enamel) require soap and water for cleanup but they require fewer coats and dry with a satin finish. You can also use their enamel but then you will need paint thinner or Non-Acetone Nail Polish remover for cleanup.


We started by painting some of our accessories from the Sweet Sounds Pet Shop. The set is great but the baby bunnies are all hot pink and the reptiles are hot pink and yellow.

Leah does the base coat and I do the detail work like eyes and inner ears.

A four-year-old like Leah is going to use too much paint – and drown the details of the mold – so I give her a very, very, very small brush and pour a quarter-sized puddle of paint for her. It takes her longer this way but the rule my mom taught me to follow in all painting efforts : two or three thin coats are always better than one thick one.

It is a good idea to get a clear spray topcoat to spray onto almost everything you paint. This will protect it from the easy scratches that play will bring – and keep you from regretting the decision to paint in the first place.

Leah right before I decided a small brush would not suffice – dipping from the pot also had to be banned.

Be warned – if you purchase silver spray paint you will have this sudden urge to spray everything in sight silver. Keep your urges under control and you can have some very cool OOAK/Mods in your play collection.

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  1. Debbie Cogsdil says:

    YES! I hate pink, yellow, orange and baby blue….I have repainted the Barbie office and dinning room….and even repainted the cars and atm working on a vintage 1970’s RV. It will be grey instead of yellow. I use Mod Podge to seal it or a clear spray coat as long as its intended for plastics. If not it will melt it. But always put a clear coat so paint won’t peel off. Have a safe Halloween and a awesome weekend. Debs from Texas

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