SCENARIO: Dance Contest

Last night Leah came up with the idea of Break Dancing contest. We laid a peice of carboard in the center and each barbie took a turn. After a while she wanted one of her barbies to sing so it sort of became a talent contest. Finally, she decided her doll would teach my doll to break dance and so she did a move and then I had to copy it. This is a great, simple scenario that requires no playsets and can be played almost anywhere.

It helps that Leah and I had been to a Street Festival a few weeks before so she understood the concept of people standing around the edge of the cardboard and each person taking a turn, the approximate length of each turn, and clapping as a person finished but this set of social norms surrounding break dancing is pretty easy to explain if your barbégé hasn’t had a chance to absorb these rules from real life.

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