OUR COLLECTION: Character Players

We keep our Character Players handy for instant scenario additions.

Mattel has a long history of creating careers for BBBBarbie. This is known as their “I Can Be…” line and I am a staunch supporter of this product development effort. The impractical side of these dolls is that they are all the same gal. You can’t very well have BBBBarbie News Anchor interviewing BBBBarbie Firefighter. It would be some sort of psycho clone world.

Because of this, we dress other dolls in various career outfits and make them into Character Players. This means they are ready and able at all times to drop in on a scenario. We might be playing Dog Park when a dog breaks it’s leg and our Vet is needed. Maybe someone has left a dog behind with an orphan note and we have to call the Police. Maybe we run into our friend, the Pet Store owner and she tells us she has new kittens in stock.

Our goal is to someday have all our dolls with fully articulated bodies, but until that day, Character Players are also generally able to get by with immovable joints.

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