SCENARIO: Fire Rescue

I bought a new set of Barbie clothes at Target the other day.  It’s called the “Barbie I Can Be…Heroes Fashion Pack” Super cute Firefighter outfit. Somewhat trashy policewoman minidress(?). We used the great Firefighter clothes to create a Firefighter Character Player.

She was so cute she immediately impressed upon us a role for herself in a scenario. We put Becky, who is wheelchair-bound, in one of our houses and used an orange hand towel to simulate a house fire. If’ I had been planning a fire scenario I might have created some orange and yellow tissue paper flames but the hand towel was sufficient in an impromptu setting.

Three red heads made for a fiery scenario.

After our Firefighter rescued Becky she took her to the hospital. A doctor showed up to talk about smoke inhalation and what you can do in case of a fire (stop, drop and roll).  A policewoman showed up and talked about Arson, which she defined for everyone and then talked about how it is against the law to set things on fire and how many children accidently set things on fire.

Several of Becky’s friends showed up: Chandra, Trichelle, MoonShadow (some of our Core Players).  While Becky’s friends were there, the Firefighter came by to check on Becky and everyone thanked her for being so brave and strong. A nurse came in to announce that the Mayor wanted to visit. Becky said that would be okay and the Mayor came in make a short speech commending the Firefighter, the Policewoman and Becky (for having an Emergency plan).

What Leah didn’t realize is that I have a brown TV Anchor Barbie stashed in the top of the coat closet. I was just about ready to whip her out for a Mayoral Press Conference when Leah announced “The End” for our Fire Rescue Scenario. Oh well – maybe next time Tamron Hall will get a chance to bust out of her box.

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