The Heart Family – Mr. & Mrs. Heart, Meghan and Matty

Our Heart Family is a bit different than the one originally released by Mattel in the late 1980’s.

We use the original mom and dad, but we replaced the original children with Kelly-sized characters because the original children were so freakish.  We treat the Heart Family as Character Players which means they don’t change clothes, or names or personalities. They are bit players in other scenarios.

My daughter refers to them as Mr. Heart and Mrs. Heart. This is necessary because Mr. and Mrs. Heart do not allow children to call them by their first name, taking this as a sign of supreme disrespect and poor rearing. For this reason, I won’t tell Leah their first names. I really don’t need them judging me.

This post at the Barbie Cafe has links to two good Heart Family commercials as well as a short overview. This post at Lil Friends talks about the freakish Chucky-looking toddlers that came with Mr. and Mrs. Heart originally. The high-strung Mrs. Heart had a nervous breakdown shortly after their birth and Mr. Heart put them in a group home to be treated for their macrosomia.

From the post mentioned above I learned that the Heart Family daughter’s name is Meghan. Her brother was never issued a name by Mattel so I looked up the most popular white boy’s names for that year. “Matthew” was the third most popular name that year. It starts with an “M” just like Meghan and is a name shared by a prominent disciple so I went with that.

We actually use Ryan from the white Happy Family set (our Happy Family is brown) as our Matthew Heart, and a blonde Kelly-Chelsea-Hybrid as Meghan Heart.

Whenever Leah asks to add the Heart Family to one of our scenarios I keep in mind the backstory I have created for them in my own mind.

Here are the details:

The Hearts go to a non-Denominational Church that has “rock” music and Powerpoint presentations at their church. Their Pastor wears boot cut jeans and hair gel. Mr. Heart plays bass in the church rock band whenever the usual bass player, a college kid, needs the time off.

Mrs. Heart stays at home and says she has the “Best Job in the World.” Mr. Heart is a mid-level manager for a Tire Manufacturer.

Last year, the Hearts decided that their children would need to be home-schooled because Michael came home from pre-school and noted that “People did not live at the same time as dinosaurs.” This statement caused a lot of hand-wringing in the Heart household. Mrs. Heart read several books by James Dobson, prayed about it, and the Heart children have been home-schooled ever since.

Mrs. Heart’s proudest accomplishment last year, noted in the annual Heart Family Christmas newsletter, came when her Creamed Broccoli casserole won a local recipe contest and was featured in the town newspaper’s series called “Creative Cooking with Campbell’s Soup.” A side-bar for the recipe featured Mrs. Heart explaining how she uses various soup casserole recipes at least twice a week.

Mr. and Mrs. Heart cheerfully threaten to beat Meghan and Matty a la the Dobson philosophy.
A key feature of the Heart Family, as developed by Mattel, is that the Mom and Meghan often dress alike. As do Matty and Daddy. It’s hard to see in my photos but Mrs. Heart and Meghan are wearing matching dresses.
The Heart Family lives next door to The Happy Family, also known as The Hadleys.

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  1. Lola says:

    I live in the bible belt. I know families exactly like this, right down to the homeschooling because of religion and the rock band church. Hysterical!

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