OUR COLLECTION: Our Core Players

We have a number of Core Players that Leah nearly always chooses in sets of two. She generally chooses two girls who are always “sisters” in her description. Then she nearly always wants them to fall in love with two guys. From there I am always pushing to go beyond the romance angle by introducing other elements – a lost dog, a fire, a plane trip – whatever I can come up with on the fly.

Over the months Leah has become much more creative and delights me daily with the plot twists and creative ideas she introduces – which is the whole point of playing – to teach her to be creative, develop her social skills, explore her developing social ideas and play out fantasies about her future life.

So here are the girls who almost never change names, constantly change clothes and are almost always at the center of our scenarios.

Bella - Leah's Number One Doll

Leah’s number one doll, hands down is Bella.

She is a collector doll created as a tribute to the Alvin Ailey dance troupe. For this reason, some people call her Alvin which is a cute name but we had already taken to calling her Bella by the time we learned of this nickname. We chose the name “Bella” in tribute to her stunning looks.

She is a gorgeous dark-skinned girl with Ebony eyes, natural hair and full articulation right down to her poseable wrists. She also has rooted eyeslashes.

Leah claims her job is “to be a princess” so even when our scenario involves a lunch date at the mall, Bella is always in a full length gown.

This picture does not do her justice – she is a really special doll.

Grace - One of the So In Style Girls

Grace is probably Leah’s second favorite doll. She is nearly always cast as Bella’s sister. I can’t stand to play with dolls who’s knees aren’t fully articulated so I re-bodied her with a Fashionistas Artsy body. The body is slightly lighter than Grace’s head and while that fact can be clearly seen in the picture here, it is barely noticable during play.

LilyTiger is third - but has an evil streak

LilyTiger is named after my friends Grace and Anthony’s daughter, Tigerlily. Leah came up with the name. I tried shortening it to plain old “Lily” but Leah kept correcting me. For whatever reason, Leah often makes LilyTiger into a boyfriend stealer. Not sure why this is the case, but playing Barbies is just like Role Playing in Therapy, it brings to surface any latent ideas or biases. Maybe it is just a random thing that Leah sees LilyTiger as a boyfriend stealer, but maybe it’s not, and if I keep playing barbies with my daughter I am sure to eventually get to the bottom of it.

I would love to give her a new body with bendable knees but I have never been able to find an articulated body with the light skintone Mattel uses for Asians.

Trichelle - Momma's Favorite

This gorgeous doll is a So-In-Style Trichelle. She’s a real treasure. Given that she resembles my daughter Leah with her Cinnamon skin, Ebony eyes and Rotini hair – I am completely in love with her.  She’s been re-bodied on a Fashionistas Artsy (like nearly every other brown doll we have).

Kayla from Texas

This is Kayla. She’s from Texas. I play her with a Texas accent. She has a Fashionista Artsy body just like everyone else. I gave her a boil perm using coffee stirs. I like her more than Leah does and always seem to have to lobby to get her into the scenes. Again, this is probably because she looks like Leah.

Kara - who happened to be a flight attendent today

Kara is a real cutie. She’s a So-In-Style girl with a haircut and a re-body. Kara is too dark to use an Artsy body so I buy 90’s dolls with full articulation off of ebay to give to her and other girls with pretty chocolate skin. Any 1990’s African American “Barbie” will match Kara close enough. Gymnasts, Ballerinas, Skaters – they are all a nice Chocolate brown color.

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  1. Al says:

    I like your Blog! 🙂
    Has Leah ever rehashed movie scenes using her Barbies? Gabby use to replay some movie scenes she watched with her toys and also mix them with characters from another movie or book. Has Leah ever done this?

    1. She had not used any movie scenes until the other night just after we saw the Justin Beiber movie. Then she wanted to do a Justin Beiber concert with her Justin Bieber doll. I hope she will do all kinds of “mash-up” type things in the future. I may start suggesting that sort of thing.

  2. Ms. Leo says:

    I am look over your many postings in your blog. I just love it! First, your daugher is the cutest! I also love your Fulla doll. I have been wanting one for a while but haven’t gotten around to it. I also love the boil perm. I must try that sometime soon. I hope to rebody many of my dolls. Most of my dolls are in the Kara complexion so reboding is going slow. Also there aren’t as many pants done for the BB body, which is another reason I am taking my time. Keep on playing and I’ll keep watching!

    1. Ms. Leo – I didn’t actually get a Fulla doll, just her outfit because I didn’t know how good the dolls quality would be. I am probably going to do a tutorial on the one and only boil perm I’ve ever done bc I combed out her hair and it made the most amazing Angela Davis looking Halo I have seen in a while. Kara works well with gymnasts off of eBay…as long as you don’t mind them being a little floppy at times and having flat feet. I don’t mind them. what other bods have you used for Kara’s chocolately skin?

  3. Liz White says:

    Hi there!! I am a bogging newbee from London. I came across this blog today.. Just love it!!! I will be back. My daughters grew up loving their diverse range of barbies too which I purchased for them with the same reasoning in mind as you. Sadly I gave them away when they grew up.

    I have three grand daughters now . The issues simply haven’t gone away and we just don’t have the same selection as you do over in the States. Help me to change this.

    Nanna Liz

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