OUR COLLECTION: The Ramesh Family

The Ramesh Family

This is the Ramesh family. Rajeev Ramesh is a Project Manager in Information Technology. They live in Boston, Massachusetts.

Rajeev’s wife is named Sushmita. His daughter is Ishanvi.

They look at you like you are stupid when you say, “Indian? Dot? or Feather?”

The reason they look at you like you are stupid when you say that is because YOU ARE STUPID WHEN YOU SAY THAT.

I actually painted over a Blonde Ken to create Rajeev. I also used a varnish to seal the paint and didn’t realize it would be so shiny (label said Matte!).

Mattel has a Diwali Barbie that fetches $150 everytime it pops up on ebay and I have wanted one for such a long time but I just couldn’t bring myself to spend the money.

Instead I cobbled Sushmita together by purchasing a doll and clothing separately on ebay. She still cost me around $80 altogether but she was totally worth it in my eyes because she’s so beautiful.

Ishanvi is also cobbled together. I wanted Leah to see the range of brown skintones that exist in the Indian population so I used a Kelly Tameka and put her in a dress from a Kelly – Barbie in India.

Mattel markets a Barbie product line in India under the title “Barbie In India.” Unfortunately, there are people in India that fall prey to the same kind of “lighter is better” thinking that many Americans do and so those dolls have white skin, brown hair and green eyes. I don’t need my Ramesh family to be the Indian equivalent of BBBBarbie so, as usual, I made my modifications.

Since I love to practice my accents when Leah and I play, I would love to give Rajeev my best, “What is the broblem?” but the real Rajeev Ramesh*, whom I know through work says my Indian accent is pathetic and sounds like Apu from the Simpsons. So…I have to do him with a straight US Midwest accent instead. Darn.

* It should be noted as well that the real Rajeev Ramesh does not wear the sterotypical Indian guy mustache and Pat Riley haircut. He also doesn’t really have an Indian accent either so I really owe it to him, since I stole his identity and put it in my basement Barbieland, to play him without an accent.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Vanessa says:

    I love this family. Great job on the transformation!

  2. Lola says:

    I love the face on this Ken:


    But found him cheaper as a generic “prince ken” here:

    I also love the face on the new Japan Ken (although a lot of people hate the stereotypical samurai clothes, I don’t care–i sold them on ebay and kept the doll…well, just the head, I rebodied).

    1. I bought the Samurai guy thinking I would make him look like a “normal” Japanese guy but Leah wanted him as he was. That Indian/Prince Ken is super cute. Reminds me so much of Andy Garcia I think I would use him as a Cuban. Andy Garcia is so cute!

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