RESOURCE: Amazingly Beautiful! Brown Skin and Natural Hair

If you love having a diverse set of dolls then you will want to take a look at what doll artist Ms. Loanne Hizo Ostlie puts out there.

She takes fashion dolls (mostly Mattel Barbie dolls) and re-does their hair in cute curly styles, locks (they aren’t called dreadlocks anymore, just locks), short cuts…you have to see them to believe them.  About a month ago she was profiled on the site NaturalChica – a popular site encouraging women to nurture their hair naturally.

I have exchanged some emails with Ms. Ostlie – hoping to have a Chandra, Steven or Darren and Courtney converted to natural. I may be able to swing it as a surprise for Leah’s 5th birthday.

Mattel sells Collector line dolls for well over $100. These dolls are one of a kind and sell for less than $100. Of course I would specify Ebony Eyes on any dolls I “commission” and that’s the beauty of it – I would pay less than the cost of collector doll and get exactly what I want.

Browse her site’s gallery and dream of what you might be able to order up.

We also have two methods for creating your own Loc’d doll:

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  1. Vanessa says:

    These are awesome. I haven’t looked at her site yet, but I will. Love the dreads! Thanks for sharing this.

    1. I know. I’d love to know how she creates the dreadlocks but I think she’s keeping it to herself as a trade secret. I don’t blame her. I haven’t seen anyone who does anything even close to as amazing as her work.

      1. Vanessa says:

        Kristl, I just ran across a flickr set that describes a little how to do the dreds. I didn’t really analyze it yet. Here’s the link

  2. Vanessa – this is a great resource. I guess the woman who posted it uses some kind of spinning device – like Yarn Spinning – to convert synthetic hair into dreads.

    I contacted her because if she’s no longer selling, perhaps she will be willing to share her method.

    I didn’t like the idea of using glue to attach them – I have a four-year old after all. My dolls are not going to sit on a shelf. I’d rather attach them a little more reliably.

    Have you done re-roots before? I haven’t. I’d much rather have the hair rooted however and if I need to learn it, I guess I will.

    1. Vanessa says:

      I was surprised that they were glued on, but I would imagine that with the right glue they would stay in with no problem. There are real hair weaves that are glued in on big people. They are able to wash their hair and style it regularly and the weave doesn’t come out.

      I have done a re-root before. It has been awhile. I actually have a reroot tool that I saw the other day. It’s definitely not my most favorite thing to do. Time is of the essence with me, and re-roots take up too much time. I do think you should learn how. You might find it to be relaxing.

    2. Lola says:

      I’ve just started doing re-roots for my personal dolls. I did one whole head by putting hair through already-punched holes and knotting them, and I’ve experimented with rerooting without removing the head. Seems like that might work really well with the dreds, since it wouldn’t have to be dragged through a hole and possibly get ruined. I did once reroot an AA angel doll (many years ago) using black yarn that had been crocheted and then unraveled–it gave an awesome kinky texture.

      1. Lola – I am still trying to figure out to make the dreds. I experimented some but nothing of mine looks as good as the hair shown on Tabloach and in the tutorial Vanessa posted. I really need to try a re-root – as with most things OOAK – I am always more scared than I should be. I waited weeks to try a re-body and it turned out to be no big deal. The crochet/unravel technique sounds really interesting. I don’t know how to crochet. I’m going to look into that as an option for creating natural texture hair.

  3. BraidedWigs says:

    these are wonderful about time!

  4. NyghtBomb says:

    I love the content here. I really liked the tutorial on making dreadlocks for the dolls. That is fantastically on time, I have wanted dreadlocks for dolls for a while and have a doll I was thinking would look good in them. Speaking of the dreadlocks, you mentioned they are just called “locks” now…I haven’t heard that. A “lock” is a piece of hair, think of the phrases “lock of hair” and “I love your locks”. I would think people would get confused. But whatever, I’m side-tracking myself (I tend to do that)! Not the point. Thanks for posting this stuff was my point. =) Oh but also, I am confused…does Ms. Ostlie sell the dolls, or just showcase them? I hope everyone has a wonderful day and tons of good luck (and Barbie natural locks)! =)

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