CUSTOM: Larger bodied Grace

Two Mattel heads on larger, more “realistic” bodies.(R) Grace on a True Type body.

Want to add more body-type diversity to your barbieworld? I recently re-bodied a Grace head onto a Hot Toys True Type 12 Cuban Female body. These dolls are pretty pricey on eBay.  But for me, the option of having a fully-articulated, larger-bodied Grace was worth the money.

I began with a cheap Grace – $7 at KMart and a True-Type Cuban. As well as Grace on her original body that I was keeping close by for comparisons.

True-Type by Hot Toys tends to be carried by Hobby Shops. They have a level of articulation that barbie players never really even dream of having.

They also often come with interchangable hands and feet.

This Cuban is possibly expected to look like Eva Mendes. True-Type makes doll heads that look like famous people but does not include the famous person’s name in marketing for obvious reasons.

We also bought an Obama True-Type and he’s pretty cool.

Head and Neck joint are very different than barbie head and neck.

I removed the head and studied the neck joint and finally decided that I would be best served by destroying the Cuban True-Type head and re-using the neck socket inside the head.

I cut away the head in pieces and checked the head piece to make sure it would remain stable if I used it within Grace’s original head.Neck rubber rolled down while I check the neck joint within the head neck socket.

Neck rubber rolled down while I check the neck joint within the head neck socket.

I removed Grace’s head from her original body – preserving her body to sell for a few bucks on eBay.

Then I put glue into her head to secure the neck joint and put that inside the head.

I probably didn’t even need to glue it. Grace’s original rubber neck hold might have held it just fine without the glue.

A lot of Action Figure class women’s bodies have ERECT nipples. The True Type body I used actually has a rubber upperbody sleeve that makes the nipples and belly even more realistic. The nipples are so stiff and prominent that there is no barbie bra or shirt in the world that can tame them. Either Grace was going to be cold all the time, or sexually aroused, or she needed some help toning down her erections. I chose option 3.

Relieved of one of her very realistic nipples.

I found the sight of the nipples unnerving. Since the doll will be used in a 5 year old’s toy collection, I decided to remove them. I used cuticle nippers to cut off the nipples and then I used an emery board to file away some of the uneven “skin” left behind.

It was now time to put the Grace head onto the True Type body. I was thrilled with how she looked.

I have included a number of comparison pictures that show Grace on the original Belly-button body next to the re-bodied True Type Grace. I have also included shots of Grace original and Grace re-bodied alongside other larger bodied dolls including: Get Real Girl body, Rosie O’Donnell Friend of Barbie, Happy Family Grandma.

Get Real Girl, Grace head on True Type body, Rosie, Grandma, Grace

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  1. Danielle says:

    Grace looks great on her new bod!

    1. She’s so normal sized and still very attractive – makes me question why we have such skinny dolls as a starting point.

  2. Lola says:

    That’s awesome. I’ve never sprung for a TT body, but also have the TT Obama head (put him on a donor generic GI Joe type body). I will have to look at local hobby shops for TT bodies. Lol at the nipple removal:D

    1. The Obama True-Type is really nice but he’s so short! I also thought Leah would treat him as a generic guy doll but she calls him Obama and always plays him as the president.

      1. Lola says:

        Right after the election, my daughter saw a black man in a suit one day when we were out. She said, “that looks like our president!” I love that she’s growing up in a day when to her, a black man in a suit looks like he could be the president:D

  3. Lola says:

    Have you seen this site? Lots of tutorials.

    1. Love the link!! They have a lot of great tutorials. I bookmarked a few of them and might share them as posts on this blog. Or maybe I’ll try to recreate them…in any event, great link. Regarding your daughter’s black-man-in-a-suit comment – I think that’s great. One of many teaching opportunities we can use bc of his position of power. I have been wanting to do a post on using barbie play to check for racial attitudes. I finally got my Edna Turnblad…now I just have to get them all together and take pics!!

  4. I stepped away from the world of fashion dolls and immersed myself in the world of female action figures for a few years, and it still pains me that the curvy, athletic kinds of builds typical of female action figures end up looking so…stocky…compared to typical fashion dolls. It’s the fashion dolls that are too tall and skinny…right? The Cool Girl 2.0 body (mostly available now as manufactured by a company called TTL) is a favorite (‘though I have only two at the moment.) It does have quirks–the original CoolGirls didn’t exactly have feet–and isn’t available in many skin tones, but, hey, they do have a range of bust sizes… (It’s funny–maybe?–how different a doll is when designed for grown men versus when designed little girls…)

    (And the link above is to my Flickr set that covers lots of what I was doing with action figure customizing a few years ago.)

    1. Andrea – I looked up the Cool Girl Body and I like it quite a bit. It’s much cheaper than buying a set with a head I plan to destroy. I don’t like the rubber skin that can be purchased to put over the body – that totally has me freaked out, the depiction of the labia and all.

      As for range of skin tones, now that I have a new barbie friend called Andrea I never have to worry about bodies in the right shades again!!

      The different bust sizes thing is quite comical – as I said in a different post in this blog I believe feminism is about choice and empowerment – I guess offering us different busts (while I feel certain it wasn’t a feminist decision) they have give us both!! Go Girls!!

  5. Ashley Sykes says:

    Whats wrong with nipples? everybody has nipples. men,women,boys,girls, even dogs why would you take away the nipples (something natural and realistic) if you’re so concerned about the dolls looking realistic???

    1. Ashley – I am so glad you asked. I had not given enough thought to this until you asked.

      The reason I took them off is because they were ERECT.

      IOW, there was no barbie bra and no barbie shirt that would have tamed them. They were going to announce their presence in any and every scenario and they were not to be ignored. With them in place, she was going to track “cold” or “turned on” ALL THE TIME. As most women know, it is more often than not, COLD. Though most men wish/imagine it would be due to being TURNED ON. Action figures that cost as much as this one did are made for grown men who like their little women turned on.

      I just couldn’t stand to be visually assaulted by her erect nipples all the time.

      1. Elle says:

        I dunno, I think my nipples are different from yours. 😉 Wow, I love that True Type body, I’m going to need at least one! 😉 Look at her realistic, womanly stomach! Oddly enough, that’s what I prefer on women. Stupid Mattel.

        1. Yeah, my sister tells me the same. She loves her nipples. Wouldn’t get a boob job for fear of losing their sensation. So, yeah, I definitely overstate their uselessness. 🙂

  6. Shelley greenaway says:

    that is brilliant! i’ve actually seen something similar, but someone’s put a barbie head on a get real girl body!! shame they didn’t do those dolls anymore!!

    1. I’ve done that too. Actually, the doll next to Grace in this post is a Get Real doll with a Barbara Streisand head. They work great. The clothes are limited – I got all I could on eBay.

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