How do I love thee, Mattel?

Let me count the ways:

  1. Curvy body released
  2. Tall body released
  3. Curvy body costs $9.99 online
  4. Tall body costs $9.99 online
  5. Tall and Curvy available in the Walmart Easter Basket section
  6. Tall and Curvy at Walmart for less than $8 each


There was a time when Mattel couldn’t seem to do anything right in my eyes…but these days I feel like they can’t do anything wrong.

I’m excited about the new body types – even when I thought they’d only be available online – I was over the moon. Then, I was in Walmart browsing the Easter Basket section and I found the first curvy, and first tall to be released from the new Fashionistas line.


Of course I scooped up several, telling myself I was going to put them in Leah’s Easter basket. Of course I brought them home and promptly showed them to her. Of course she begged to open them. Of course, I said yes because I, too, was anxious to see them up close.

The changes at Mattel couldn’t come at a better time as far as I’m concerned because Leah just started playing again. Of course, we still wish we could have the variety with articulation — but that would sound too much like complaining.

And I seem to keep counting:

7. Made to Move is a new more-articulated-than-ever offering
8. Made to Move has an Asian doll (very light skin is harder to find articulated)

Fullscreen capture 322016 92239 AM

I checked the back of the package and it only showed these three dolls. No brown. Sad Tyler barbieland. Am I complaining?

We purchased the Asian one and may return to get the brunette. (I never purchase blondes, ever). We opened her, and rebodied our Asian Easter Girl because I really like the bangs more than the Made To Move head.

And then, Leah conducted Yoga class!!


And last but not least on this love list?

9. I love when Chelsea dolls come with built in bodysuits because they are just too hard to keep dressed anyway.



5 Comments Add yours

  1. All your reasons are my reasons too! Can’t wait to get these dolls for myself.

  2. Hi Havilland – There actually is a Made To Move in brown!! Just saw her this morning on the Mattel website but I needed to get this post out there before I can post about that!

  3. Loving these new dolls too! Just found your Facebook page. Such a great name! So glad my girls and I aren’t the only ones who still play with dolls. 🙂

  4. Ginger says:

    Hi, I was wondering if you could post comparison pics of your curvy barbie and the larger dolls (like the hairspray Tracy and Edna, etc)

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