STEP 6: Villains

We were getting a little bored, when all the sudden we discovered that a good villain or two, or three, can really “spice” things up.

Right now we have three (or four) favorite villains.

Scarlett the Witch – We have hundreds of BBBBarbies (okay only about 80 in a box in the basement) that we have no real use for so I dyed one of them red using Rit Dye and put her in a red dress and she steals people’s ability to talk (Leah’s idea). They have to write notes to each other until Scarlett is arrested and gives back their voiceboxes.

Sporty Spice – We also have two Sporty Spice dolls and with their plaid pants, tattoos, gold teeth, nose piercings and high ponytails I just find them to be a great set of Gemini villains. Sporty was definitely my favorite Spice Girl but her doll? Eek! We got her in a “big box of barbie stuff” from a garage sale.

Boris – We got Boris (actually called Elite Force Bruno) on eBay for $15.95 plus shipping. He came with black gloved hands and very realistic boots. I love playing the Boris character because it gives me a chance to use a Russian accent and I love using accents.

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  1. Tracy India says:

    This is something that’s been hard to do for me. LOL, trying to choose a villain among my dolls. You’ve given me some great ideas. I’ve been looking at a few of the Spice Girl dolls, I think I could manage not to be so attached to them and used them as villains. 🙂 Your daughter is so beautiful by the way.

  2. Tracy – you should seriously get a Sporty Spice – she is butt ugly. You will have no problem making her evil. Her head in profile is tragic – it makes me appreciate the fact that Mattel does not do more head molds bc getting diversity without getting ugly must be very hard to do.

  3. Thanks for the compliment on my daughter – she’s my little SIS Trichelle (but she loves Alvin and Chandra). Usually she refuses to play on camera but she walked up and joined in. She was just starting to do a little evil laugh when I hit “stop” on the recording. I wish I had caught the whole thing.

  4. Lola says:

    I found a Donald Trump doll that would make a perfect villain…

    1. Lola – send a pic. Btw I am just now getting to work on my post for Plus-Sized. i am really excited. You helped me so much getting up to speed. I will email you in a bit about it.

      1. Lola says:

        He’s kind of in pieces now…I removed his head and will save his very-articulated body for a better head. His suit will go on my True Type Obama figure. The funny thing is that his doll hair looks better than his real hair. And he’s making that ridiculous face he makes during boardroom scenes of Apprentice. His hand is also in the little ‘snake head’ position and he says, “You’re fired!”. I’ll get a pic of his various pieces:D

      2. Lola says: I got him for $6. This is what he looked like before I deboxed him…

  5. Tracy India says:

    @ The Spice Girl comment LMBO! I’ve decided to purchase her, I need a good mean girl. 🙂

  6. Danielle says:

    You guys are so cute! Leah is adorable!! I love Scarlet. I tried to do that to a doll too. With red nail polish. It was not a success. What are we, doll soul mates?

    1. nail polish…I can only imagine. I think we are doll soul mates. We both posted a link to the same palm tree tutorial as well.

  7. camelshoes says:

    I really love what you are doing with your Barbie/Doll collection! But, if I may, one comment/question: I noticed that you choose ‘ugly’ people for your villans. Couldn’t you also challenge the stereotype that ugly-looking people must also be evil? Why can’t ugly people have wonderful, caring personalities? Just a thought! Otherwise, loving your work/play. 🙂

    1. Camelshoes – what a great idea! I had not thought of that as a stereotype to confront. I absolutely LOVE this idea! Thanks so much for the suggestion.

  8. discodiva79 says:

    This was really interesting. My daughter never cared for Barbie, she thought she was too perfect, too pretty maybe. But, she loved the Spice girls because they were not so pretty or perfect. They were talented, they could sing. So maybe ugly is pretty in her eyes.
    I am curious, did your daughter think Sporty was ugly because you did? or did she gather that opinion on her own?
    Thanks for sharing the video.

  9. Disco Diva,

    I agree that the Spice Girl dolls were far and away more interesting that BBBBarbie. I think my daughter would have loved the human Spice Girls too. I don’t actually think my daughter thinks of Sporty as ugly – and again, if we were playing Spice girls I would definitely want to play Sporty. I think that I find her ugly in the same way that I find a lot of non-Mattel faces ugly. That doll in profile is just not pleasant. Also the gold tooth and nose ring don’t translate well to the doll. Finally, the forehead is very high and the chin is weak. So…I guess it’s only me that finds her unpleasant and wants her to be a villain. If Leah ever wanted to play her any other way, I wouldn’t resist. I always try to have Leah dictate the flow of things.

  10. Disco Diva – there are a lot of Mattel faces I don’t like either – I hate Steffie, Mackie, Derby, Diva and LeAnn (faces of the first Basics line). I love Lea/Kayla, Mbili, Goddess, Louboutin/Glimmer, – those are my favorites.

    This page has a good sampling of dolls by head mold:

    Curiously I like the Barbara Streisand and Cher face molds — even though some people must surely find them unattractive. Also, I don’t like the Halle Berry face mold, even though I like the Human Halle a lot.

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