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CUSTOM: At long last…LOCS

12 Jul
Corset Kitten’s finished work.

FYI – it is not currently in vogue to call so-called dreadlocks by that term anymore. They are now referred to as “Locks.” The “why” should be obvious. I am not the originator of the change in terms, but being a believer in the Whorf Hypothesis, I do abide.

Several months ago I posted about an OOAK Artist who creates Lock styles. Her work is amazing. But I can’t really afford her stuff. I exchanged a few emails with her but ultimately decided that I needed to overcome my fear of re-rooting and learn to make my own locks.

I made my own re-rooting tool and did a few test plugs…I was proud of myself for taking that step.

Help with needle sizes and what your needle should look like after you snip it. Stick this into a pencil eraser and you are ready to re-root.

I scoured the internet for help. I experimented A LOT. Nothing I tried seemed to really work.

Today I was on Anika McKay’s Dollz4Moi blog and after catching up there I went to the list of blogs she follows and found a blog called Vita Plastica which had some great stuff including a reference to a site called Corset Kitten’s Workshop.

Corset Kitten had a tutorial for doll sanding – which was pretty “out there.”

I say “out there” because when you become an Adult-Barbie Enthusiast (as I did about a year ago) you quickly learn about rebodies, boil perms, re-roots and repaints…but I’d never heard of body sanding until today.

Corset Kitten intrigued me with this “sanding” thing so I started looking around her site some more.

LO and BEHOLD, I found Corset Kitten’s Quick Tutorial for LOCKS!!!!!

You know what’s crazy? She posted the tutorial TODAY!

I actually found her tutorial on the very day she posted it. How could I be this lucky? I decided it must be some sort of Adult-Barbie-Enthusiast Karma I had stored up.

Corset Kitten suggests that you put on some music while you “lock” so I have provided the most cliché song possible. Then again, don’t confuse my admission that it is a cliché for an apology. I can’t apologize because the song has such a catchy tune and one of the best messages EVER.

…you know the words so don’t hesitate to sing along!

CUSTOM: Rotini or Halo Hair

2 Jun

Baby I can see your Halo

This doll does not have an “Afro.”

People who were part of the Black Pride movement of the 1960’s  also took pride in wearing their hair natural instead of using straightening combs or chemical relaxers. Their pride in African culture was an Afro-centric view. The way they wore their hair was soon dubbed an “Afro.”

Fifty years later people often shorten the word and say [ ‘fro ]

It is sometimes thought of as a comical word. I have decided to start calling it a Halo instead. Why? Because the Whorf Hypothesis says that thought follows language and I love this hair so I want to give it a name that isn’t about a particular political view (not that Black Pride isn’t great) but is instead about it’s beauty and power. It is a hairstyle that to me looks angelic and powerful yet gentle.

So, blah, blah, blah.

This post is actually a tutorial for creating Halo or Rotini hairstyles for your barbies.


  • A doll
  • End papers (Sold at Beauty Supply shops)
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Scissors
  • Pot full of boiling water

Note about end papers – if you start with a doll that has long hair and you plan to make style similar to the style shown here, you will not have to have end papers, they are optional. But if you start with doll that has shorter hair and don’t plan to cut it any further then end papers will be essential.

  1. Cut pipe cleaners into two inche pieces and bend each one in half. They will look like little “V” shapes.
  2. Section off a peice of hair and twist it into a tight spiral.
  3. Wrap the spiral in an end paper (optional)
  4. Place a pipecleaner onto the scalp and pull the twisted section into the crook of the pipecleaner.

5. When you finish each section twist the pipecleaner to lock the hair onto it.

Fully wrapped head

6. Once you have all the sections in pipecleaners, dip the head in boiling water for the count of ten.

7. Wait for the head to cool – usually a few hours, but overnight is best.

8. Take the pipecleaners out.

9. If you have length to spare, trim each curl to get rid of straight ends or strays.

If you want ROTINI style, don’t ever comb the curls out. If you want a HALO, brush vigorously and shape with your palms.  For a HALO, be sure to bring some of the hair down over the forehead and then shape it back up underneath.

Rotini Hair

Oh, and be sure to play this song while you wrap the hairs:



RESOURCE: Amazingly Beautiful! Brown Skin and Natural Hair

17 Mar

If you love having a diverse set of dolls then you will want to take a look at what doll artist Ms. Loanne Hizo Ostlie puts out there.

She takes fashion dolls (mostly Mattel Barbie dolls) and re-does their hair in cute curly styles, locks (they aren’t called dreadlocks anymore, just locks), short cuts…you have to see them to believe them.  About a month ago she was profiled on the site NaturalChica – a popular site encouraging women to nurture their hair naturally.

I have exchanged some emails with Ms. Ostlie – hoping to have a Chandra, Steven or Darren and Courtney converted to natural. I may be able to swing it as a surprise for Leah’s 5th birthday.

Mattel sells Collector line dolls for well over $100. These dolls are one of a kind and sell for less than $100. Of course I would specify Ebony Eyes on any dolls I “commission” and that’s the beauty of it – I would pay less than the cost of collector doll and get exactly what I want.

Browse her site’s gallery and dream of what you might be able to order up.

We also have two methods for creating your own Loc’d doll:


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