Becky gets a make-UNDER

tys phone picsWhen I’ve tried to remove barbie makeup in the past, I thought nail polish remover was the right thing to use. Other barbie customizers said to use acetone, so I used acetone nail polish remover. I was using the wrong thing. Recently, I bought some high-grade acetone from Walmart because I was working with epoxies and oil paints. I had a doll that I wanted to remove some paint from and I pulled out this high-grade stuff. OMG. It pulled the paint off so fast that I decided I needed to play with it some more.

I decided to try to give an 90s doll a make-under. We were out of Q-tips and I didn’t feeling like getting dressed on a Saturday morning just to go buy some. Then, it hit me that I could use a paintbrush to remove paint. I would just “paint” the areas I wanted to lift.

I thought it worked really great. It was quick and easy. A few times I accidentally applied the acetone to places I didn’t want to remove paint. When that happened I just waited for it to dry — I didn’t touch the brush down on those areas — and the paint didn’t lift. Thankfully it was the combination of acetone and pressure that removed the paint and that kept me from making too many mistakes.

Now that Becky doesn’t have to spend so much time applying that ghastly blue eye shadow and clumpy mascara, she has so much more time to spend with little Beckita.

P.S. You may notice in the “After” picture that I did kind of jack up her mouth. I wanted to remove just the liner and then paint over with a more neutral color. But then I got distracted with other stuff and now my Saturday is almost over so I’ve decided to save the lip painting for another day.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Holly says:

    These dolls are so cute! You did a wonderful job.

    1. kristl tyler says:

      why, thank you very much Holly 🙂

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